Artist ceramist – Alice Aucuit – Statement


Alice Aucuit – Artist ceramist

Artist ceramist, Alice Aucuit distills the world.

From Switzerland, Reunion Island, China to Paris, ALICE AUCUIT distils the world around her. Her favorite medium is clay, an organic matter that marks her path through the labyrinth of contemporary society and guides her as she constantly questions her practice

Through craftwork, art installations and performances or technical demonstrations (building a kiln, ancient ceramic know-how) in 2D or 3D, shown either in urban or natural environments,  Alice Aucuit breaks down the boundaries that usually define contemporary art.

“My works are very different but they all investigate today’s topics and past history. I am interested in the Human Condition: the relationship between mankind, culture and the resulting production […]”

She relishes in confronting the banal with the extraordinary, the insignificant with the fascinating, irony with solemnity. She uses established icons and culturally referenced images to create unexpected links between various cultures and periods of human history.

In her work the process begins by an attentive observation of everyday activities: a banal situation or a functional object can lead her to explore the borderlines between the strange and the usual, thus revealing places where the world could swing from insanity to poetry.